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ADOBE FrameMaker - 8 - Unix - International English - Upgrade License - SOLARIS - 1 USER - 1+ - 0 Months

Förstasidan / Programvara / Adobe / ADOBE FrameMaker - 8 - Unix - International English - Upgrade License - SOLARIS - 1 USER - 1+ - 0 Months
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ADOBE FrameMaker - 8 - Unix - International English - Upgrade License - SOLARIS - 1 USER - 1+ - 0 Months (58047493AF01A00)

ADOBE FrameMaker - 8 - Unix - International English - Upgrade License - SOLARIS - 1 USER - 1+ - 0 Months

  • Product Family FrameMaker
  • Product Type Upgrade
  • Language English
  • Operating System Unix
  • Market Segment Government
  • Version 8
  • Duration 0 Months
  • Level Detail 1+
  • Users 1 USER
  • Points 430
  • License Program TLP
  • Info SOLARIS

Unicode support
Support for the Unicode text encoding standard lets you author content in multiple languages. All features in FrameMaker, such as find and change, markers, hypertext, and catalog entries, support Unicode. You can export to PDF with Unicode bookmarks, tags, comments, and so on. You can import or export Unicode content from other applications. Additional dictionaries help you author content in more languages.
Enhanced conditional text features
Single-sourcing of documents is enhanced by the following features:
Manage condition tags, using the new Manage Conditional Tag dialog box.
Add new condition tags, using the new Add Conditional Tag dialog box.

Rename condition tags.
Use the New Color button in the Edit Conditional Tag dialog box to define a new color for a condition tag.
Visually distinguish text with multiple condition tags, as the color of the text depends on the set of tags applied to the text. For more information, see "Appearance of text with multiple condition tags" on page 307.
Build Boolean expressions with complex combinations of condition tags and Boolean operators to generate conditional output.

Enhanced Structured/XML authoring
Structured authoring is improved with the following enhancements:
XML roundtripping is enhanced to preserve XML comments as markers. System variables and Processing Instructions (PIs) are also roundtripped.
You can import element formatting from CSS into DTD, so you can ensure consistent formatting across different XML applications. The CSS file can be referenced in the XML document or manually imported. Multiple CSS files can be imported sequentially, for multi-level formatting.
Support for single-sourcing workflows lets you filter structured documents. The single-sourcing workflows are preserved across other XML applications, which use attribute values for filtering XML documents.

Filter By Attribute
You can filter structured documents based on attribute values using complex Boolean expressions. Multiple expressions can be created and saved for generating different outputs.

Track Text Edits
You can track text edits made in a document. The added and deleted text are highlighted for visual distinction. You can navigate through the edited sections and accept or reject specific changes. You can also preview the document to see its original or final state. The changed information is preserved in the XML roundtrip.

DITA application pack
The in-built DITA application pack and a DITA menu, facilitate DITA authoring. You can generate a FrameMaker document directly from a DITA Map. You can use the standard FrameMaker features while authoring DITA content.

3D workflows (Windows® only)
You can insert 3D objects (U3D format) in FrameMaker 8 documents only. You can also set parameters, such as default view, rendering mode, background color, and lighting scheme for the 3D object. You can publish the document in PDF format with active 3D models. The 3D objects are preserved in the XML roundtrip.

Support for SWF files (Windows only)
You can create documents with SWF files, such as Adobe Captivate® movies. The SWF object is preserved in the XML roundtrip.

HTTP file path support (Windows only)
You can specify an HTTP path to import graphics into a document, either by copying or by reference. The HTTP path is preserved in the XML roundtrip.

Enhanced WebDAV support
The WebDAV support is extended to allow authoring and editing of XML files located on the Web-based Distributed Authoring and Versioning (WebDAV) server.

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